Engineering differentiated strategies tailor-made to profit from, and hedge against this cycle’s extreme volatility 


Global financial markets are expected to suffer the effects of increasing volatility and inflation over the coming years.

The Precious Metals High Yield Bull Fund aims to offer a high-yield, portfolio volatility-reducing strategy, by opportunistically benefiting from the sales of 1 – 3 month PM ETF and PM equity index options. Sold against Fund holdings on an ongoing basis, the time premiums are set to grow from…

Employing Dow or S&P index options to provide income as well as a hedge for investor portfolios, The Equity Index Income & Protection Fund represents a strategic and timely opportunity……Continue readingGLOBAL ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS


Management Founder, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Member of Global Alternative Investments, LLC (GAI), Mr. Klein draws from a skill set developed over 40 years in the financial industry. Prior to forming GAI, Sid worked as both a financial advisor and market prognosticator, gaining international recognition as his performance and track record as a successful forecaster was observed in both print and global television coverage. Mr. Klein is a product of Concordia University in his hometown of Montreal, Quebec,…Continue readingMANAGEMENT


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Sid Klein’s reports span decades of reports covering multiple markets and asset classes.

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