Founder, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Member of Global Alternative Investments, LLC (GAI), Mr. Klein draws from a skill set developed over 40 years in the financial industry. Prior to forming GAI, Sid worked as both a financial advisor and market prognosticator, gaining international recognition as his performance and track record as a successful forecaster was observed in both print and global television coverage.

Mr. Klein is a product of Concordia University in his hometown of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  He began his career in the financial services industry working as a securities broker at Brault Guy O’Brien and then Midland Doherty, before being hired by Prudential Bache in 1987.  Prior to working at Prudential Bache, Sid focused on value investing in large and mid-cap equities, as well as option premium analysis and commodities.  At Prudential, Mr. Klein turned his attention to Japanese markets, as ADRs collapsed along with the breadth in the equity markets.  The work familiarized him with the Japanese financial and monetary condition, market valuations, technical and political landscape.

Mr. Klein began authoring a financial newsletter in the late 1980s at Prudential Bache. His prognostications covered macro market moves in multiple markets and asset classes for clients of the firm.  His newsletter chronicled prescient major market calls that led to an extremely successful trading career in Euro-warrants in the 1990s and, consequently, the study of volatility premiums relating to the OTC derivatives market.

He was extremely successful expanding and diversifying his work to include currency markets in addition to his strategies in traditional equities, futures, options and structured products.  Over 40 years, his successes include historic turning points in major markets and asset classes, often within days.

Over the years, Mr. Klein’s investment methodology has included the utilization of public (Nikkei News, Barron’s, Japanese Company Handbook, Value Line, and the information provided by various government agencies) and private data, while incorporating  information sources and research that is geared for hedge funds and sophisticated high net worth Accredited Investors.

The CIO’s success has led him to be recognized through interviews and publications, both in print as well as internationally televised business programs.  Other sources notwithstanding, Sid has been interviewed by the Financial Times, CNBC World & CNBC Europe, CNBC USA, and written about regularly or published in Barron’s, The Globe and Mail, EurekaHedge, Les Affaires, USA Today, and Individual Investor.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” – Helen Keller