Engineering differentiated strategies tailor-made to profit from, and hedge against this cycle’s extreme volatility

Based in Canada, GAI requires a U.S. Associate. The party may be an RIA or Angel investor. Benefiting from a stake in GAI, one also profits from the strategic company offerings that represent timely public equity portfolio investments.

As an introducer of capital, an investor will be remunerated at a rate 250% higher than the accepted norm. Under certain terms, an Associate could benefit without any capital introduction, to position oneself for capital introduction and/or investment in the company at a later date.


The Income and Protection Strategy (“Strategy”) is engineered with an aim to provide 65 – 95% gains following unusually sharp quarterly declines; this rules-based formula is also geared to generate strong annualized profits after bullish quarters.

The program is also designed to benefit from a favorable asymmetric relationship between cash drawdowns and market value.

Importantly, the Strategy deploys only 20% of the fund’s book value (profits are not reinvested). This speaks to an unusual risk/reward ratio.


The Precious Metals High Yield Bull Strategy (“Strategy”) provides uncorrelated performance. The program utilizes multiple option writing strategies, according to the levels of precious metal (“PM”) ETFs and their respective time premiums to further enhance profits and yields.

As PMs rally, option premiums typically rise. This performance-compounding aspect adds to the attractiveness of investing in this asset class via the Strategy. This program seeks to outperform the low-yielding alternatives available today, particularly on a real-returns basis against an ever-worsening inflationary background.