Based in Canada, GAI requires a U.S. Associate. The party may be an RIA or Angel investor. Benefiting from a stake in GAI, one also profits from the strategic company offerings that represent timely public equity portfolio investments.

Alternatively, under certain conditions, the strategies may be run under the investor’s own banner; benefit would still accrue from the anticipated AUM growth that would follow the initial 6 – 9 month period (see BUSINESS PLAN).

As an introducer of capital, an investor will be remunerated at a rate 250% higher than the accepted norm. Under certain terms, an Associate could benefit without any capital introduction, to position oneself for capital introduction and/or investment in the company at a later date.

Both Angel and early investors enjoy substantial reductions in fees, coupled with guaranteed capacity levels upon the establishment of either fund. Before the funds’ establishment, Angel investors profit from the returns on their investment in the Company and its strategies.

All terms are investor-friendly by providing fund participants all-but-instant liquidity. Maximum fees and expenses exposure is known (see TERM SHEETS at the bottom). Favorable factors specific to the hedge fund marketplace are found in the transcribed 12-Slide Presentation above.

The public investment climate

Sid Klein forecasted a secular bull market in the precious metals (PM) in 2001 – 2002, and views them as still being in their nescient stages. Meanwhile, the stock market faces several formidable headwinds, not the least of which being valuations, inflation and the trend reversal in interest rates.

Consistent with peaking equity markets, volatility premiums (VIX) returned to historically low levels at the beginning of 2020 and fall of 2021. The manipulation of global asset valuations via currency printing and interest rate suppression had created untenable and artificially inflated equity valuations.

GAI’s view is that the PMs will rise despite a bottom in the rates cycle, due to the low levels from which rates are moving higher and the true level of ever-growing inflation. This environment punishes real returns, much to the benefit of the PM Strategy. Benefitting from rising volatility, each Strategy, then, offers the critical diversification and hedge that investors seek today (please see HEDGE FUNDS).